District Courts Chakwal
District Courts Chakwal

History of Chakwal

District Chakwal is a barani (rain-fed) district with mainly hilly terrain lying at the beginning of the Potohar plateau and the Salt Range. It is covered with scrub forest in the south-west and levelled plains interspersed with dry rocky patches in the north-east. It was raised to the administrative status of a district in 1985.Before that it was a Tehsil of district Jhelum.

Chakwal district borders the districts of Rawalpindi and Attock in the north, district Jhelum in the east, district Khushab in the south and district Mianwali in the west. The total area of district Chakwal is 6,609 square kilometres, which is equivalent to 1,652,443 acres. As enumerated in the 1998 census, the total population is 1,083,725 of which 12.01% only were urban making Chakwal the most rural district in Punjab. Lying at the beginning of the Potohar plateau and the Salt Range, Chakwal is a barani district and the terrain is mainly hilly, covered with scrub forest in the southwest, and levelled plains interspaced with dry rocky patches in the north and northeast. The tribes, clans and castes that inhabit this area are the Awans, Jatt Bhutta, Mair Minhas Rajputs, Kahuts, Mughal Kassars, Janjua Rajputs, Gujars, Gondals, Syeds, Arains and the Sheikhs. The physical features of the district, its tribes, its society and its economy all combine to make Chakwal one of the main recruiting areas for the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Air Force. Other main occupations of the people are agriculture and mining. Transport and poultry business is also important. At present district Chakwal consists of 4 subdivisions Chakwal, Talagang, Choa Saidan Shah and Kallar Kahar. The police subdivisions correspond with those of the district administration and there are 11 police stations- Chakwal City, Saddar, Kallar Kahar, Dhumman, Nila, Dhudhial, Talagang City, Saddar, Tamman, Lawa and Choa Saidan Shah. The political establishment of Chakwal comprises two seats in the National Assembly, NA-60 and NA-61, and four in the Provincial Assembly- PP-16, PP-17, PP-18 and PP-19. There is one district council, two municipal committees- Chakwal and Talagang and one town committee- Choa Saidan Shah. The culture of Chakwal is primarily based on the way of living as taught in Islam.

Sub Division Talagang

Talagang, 45 kilometers west of Chakwal on the Chakwal-Mianwali road, is the second largest town of the district, it covers an area of 26 square kilometers. The culture of Talagang is the same as that of Chakwal, though a little more rural.

Some villages in tehsil Talagang are Budhial, Balkasar, Bhikari kalan, Lawa, Thoa Mahram Khan, Kot Sarang, Patowali, Bhatti Gujar etc

Sub Division Choa Saiden Shah

Choa saidan shah is the tehsil of Chakwal name given to this town in the name of a famous sufi sakhi saidan sherazi choa saidan shah is a beautiful valley of Chakwal this town is surrounded with hills. The Rose Water is famous of this area. The area is mountainous. The major tribes are: Janjujua Rajput, Mirza, Arrian and other helping hands families. There is cell phone facilities in all of this Tehsil. Flora and Fauna are the species. The people are mostly serving the Pak Army. There are brave peoples by nature. The famious villages of Janjua’s are Ghar Makhiala, Saloi, Dendot, Mohra Rajgan, Ratoocha, Khajula and Dalwal etc.

Sub Division Kallar Kahar

Lying 30 miles southwest of Chakwal on the Chakwal-Sargodha road, Kallar Kahar has always been renowned throughout the country for its peacocks and its fresh water lake and for the Takht-e-Babri, a flat stage built of stone by emperor Babar to address his army while coming down from Kabul in the quest of the crown of Delhi. During his stay at Kallar Kahar he also planted a garden, which still exists, called the Bagh-e-Safa. With the construction of the motorway that passes by the edge of the lake, the number of tourists visiting Kallar Kahar has increased manifold, and the town surrounded by verdant hills, promises to become a tourist attraction if properly developed. A museum of fossils of the area has also been built by the Archeology Department in the District Council Rest House. Near Kallar Kahar is the beautiful village Sardhi, it is an historical Village in Distric Chakwal in this Village the famous palace of Daak Bangla. Now at this time Sardhi is a picnic point palace. In sardhi the beautiful cricket ground. In distric chakawal this ground only one of the beautiful cricket ground same like Melbourne cricket ground. In Sardhi very beautiful scenery, hills, gardens, chashmas and some other beautiful palace.